Mag Magnets Help Solve The Social Media Black Hole Syndrome & Deliver Market Authority

Solve Your Social Media Black Hole Syndrome & Build Your Market Authority
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Join The Mag Magnet Revolution

Imagine there was a magazine that offered impartial, interesting,motivating advice to your prospects about your space.
Then imagine each article they read had an ad for your offer
Then imagine embedded within the magazine was a subtle advertorial (story that promoted your services)
Then imagine how easy your social media would become….. you would just simply share the content on that magazine
But then imagine if that could be done for you…..
….then imagine your whole advertising was geared towards promoting the magazine, because your company is actually the only beneficiary of it
…..then imagine you now have the solution to your online marketing AND social media problems.


No more sharing lame content
No more hiring a social media person who has no real concept of how to engage and convert.
Instead get a MagMagnet and an editor. It’s crazy value!!!!



What is a Mag Magnet?

A Mag Magnet is a uniquely constructed website that will draw in your prospects and deliver them to your door.
It promotes the most interesting content in your space that your prospects will appreciate. It also subtly promotes ONLY YOUR BUSINESS to them.You see the world has moved on, we are all online more than we ever were….but we are also more advertised to than we have ever been.
That’s why the Mag Magnet will be seen as a breathe of fresh air to your prospects because it will subtly promote your offers rather than ram them down the throat of your prospects.




Your Mag Magnet is the perfect tool to promote

to your customers and prospects.



No More Woeful Newsletters

Replace those woeful email or even physical newsletters with a genuine magazine publication that subtly ONLY PROMOTES YOUR BUSINESS. You’d be delighted to stay in touch with your email database to send them stories and links from the Mag Magnet, knowing it will be promoting you.


No More Social Media Black Hole Syndrome….No More Woeful Newsletters….No More Aimless Online Marketing : Bring Purpose To Your Marketing Now.


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